Video Marketing is The Boost You Need for your Business !

The business world today is full of people who are making use of video marketing to boost their business. Different types of companies globally are capitalizing on the prospect of short films in order to reach customers. The good thing here is that you too can do it.
Definitely, it is good to be present on YouTube but it is necessary you consider going farther than that. This is because video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and others usually have ads that may cause distraction for viewers and even compete with your videos.

video editing software solutions

Video Marketing Software Solutions

Tips for your Videos Marketing
It is important you come out honest, transparent and friendly when creating video for the purpose of marketing.
It is necessary you include a link to your main website and compel viewers to visit it if they want to get more information.
Go further to create a video channel on YouTube in order to boost your video marketing campaign. Your video channel must have a description section with keywords related to your company. It is important you put the address to your website at the beginning of the video description.
Keeping viewers attention has become very difficult these days, making sure your video marketing is in high energy is your best option in keeping viewers attention.
In order to get more views, it is good you embed your video on your website. So many marketers make this singular mistake of posting a video on YouTube alone. They don’t know that posting videos on their website can help increase views. Post videos on your website and post the link on your facebook wall. Also tweet the video link on Twitter.
Video marketing will surely impact your business positively no matter the type of business you are operating. Video marketing is the channel through which words get to customers in absolute positive and honest manner. Video marketing hastens feedback from viewers. Why not give video marketing a try and see your bottom line gets moving.


How to Create 3D Explainer Videos Course For Video Marketing

Explainer Videos are an insanely fantastic way to quickly get customers using your business in an entertaining way. Unfortunately, it can easily cost $10,000 for even one of the more basic videos if you go through an agency. So why not do it yourself, instead? With this video course, Learn How to Create Brilliant 3D Explainer Videos for Your Business, you’ll get the lowdown on everything from scripting to storyboarding to even marketing. Through more than 100 video lectures, you’ll get a good grip on 6 Adobe products to make creating 3D Explainer videos a snap!


    • With an info-packed course, you’ll learn how to completely make a professional 3D Explainer video for your business.
    • Learn every skill necessary to put together your own 3D Explainer Video from scriptwriting to shooting a video to hiring an illustrator and marketing your work.
    • Digest information at your own pace as you watch 111 lectures spread out over 11.5 hours!
    • Master 6 Adobe Programs (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, Audition, Premiere) with a 30 day free trial for each.
    • Using Photoshop CC, you’ll get trained in the art of creating storyboards.
    • Get trained in animation and visual effects using After Effects CC.
    • Edit artwork and prepare for animation with Illustrator CC.
    • Flash CC training will teach you how to customize Flash animation.
    • Discover how to master voiceovers using Audition CC.
    • Put it all together by editing and producing the final 3D animation for your project with Premiere CC training.
    • This course is great for beginners and is targeted at anyone with a keen interest in animation and visual effects.
    • This course features free artwork to practice on and 12 interactive projects to help you throughout your learning.
    • In the near future, the course will offer advanced access to more than 1,000 Customizable Explainer Video Templates!
    • Your course load is broken up over 8 sections with tons of detailed lectures per section:
      • Section 1: Starter Foundation Course
      • Section 2: Scriptwriting
      • Section 3: Storyboarding
      • Section 4: Illustration
      • Section 5: Animation
      • Section 6: Voiceover
      • Section 7: Sound Effects
      • Section 8: Editing

TOTAL  COST  £49.99

About the Instructor:

David Hawkins, an Animation and Visual Effects Artist, began working in animation back in 1995. Nowadays he spends his time consulting with business owners to help their companies grab audience attention, and also teaches animation marketing online to students.


“You aren’t just going to learn here how to shoot the video, how to use the software, how to animate 3D figures. No. You’ll learn all that plus how to write a script, how to market your video (and your business), and how to hire an illustrator. This is truly a comprehensive course. The instructor breaks everything down in small, easy-to-understand steps so as not to overwhelm you.” – Sally Apokedak

“The videos are full of useful info and short (which is always a great thing). Big Thumbs Up!!!” – Zoe Martin

“I have completed more than 60 percent of this course and found it very helpful in learning many of the concepts. David is engaging, easy to understand and a pleasure to listen too. He takes his time to explain the concepts and techniques, while setting just the right pace for learning.” – Bernard Devlin


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